What to do about medication side effects


Prescription medication is one tool in the toolbox for your weight care journey. However, sometimes people experience side effects. If that’s your experience, don’t give up. Here are reasons why this can happen and steps you can take with your Found doctor to find the right prescription for you.

Why side effects happen

There are currently only a handful of approved medicines for long-term use for weight care. Found doctors start with the most appropriate treatment based on a person’s medical history, possible interactions with other medications, and blood test results if needed. Unfortunately, right now, there is no blood test to match a person’s unique weight issue to a particular medicine. Found doctors make the best choice initially based on what we know about a person. The first thing we choose might not be perfect. Everyone has different biologies, and your response to a medication may be different than someone else’s. All of this is part of the process of understanding your own body's weight regulating system, and every individual is different.

What to do if you have side effects

Please don't give up or feel defeated if our first plan does not work. Instead, record your symptoms and reach out to your Found doctor. They can help determine if it might help to change how or when you take your medication or if you should switch to a different dose or prescription. While you’re working with your Found doctor to tweak the medication side of your plan, continue with the other parts of your weight care—mindful eating, good nutrition, movement, adequate sleep, and stress management. Safety is our priority, and we will have alternative suggestions based on someone’s response to the first medicine chosen. We are looking forward to offering you something that finally works.
Take some time to log your meals, movement, and other dailies in the app to track your progress. It gives you time to reflect, and science shows it supports your success.
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